50th Anniversary of the Falkland Islands Journal

50th Anniversary of the Falkland Islands Journal

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The Falkland Islands Journal was first published in 1967. It was the brainchild of the then Colonial Secretary of the Falkland Islands W.H. (“Tommy”) Thompson whose short foreword stated:-
“I hope this issue will be the first of many. The idea behind the Journal is to promote interest in the Falkland Islands and their history. 50 years on and the Journal is going strong.
The current editor, Jim McAdam and Tommy Thompson in 2016.

Other editors were J.A. and J.I.C.B. Jones, an editorial committee and in 1975 farmer, Executive Councillor and historian, Sydney Miller (1905-1992) who passed on a thriving and active Journal to current editor Jim McAdam in 1990.  All work on the Journal is voluntary and together with Jim McAdam the editorial team is: Alison Barton, Rob Philpott, Kevin Kenny, Emma Jane Wells, Geraldine McAdam, Tom McAdam and Nikki Buxton. Significant events in the life of the Journal have been the introduction of a glossy, colour cover (in 2000) coupled with a major expansion in size and content. A website was created in 2004 by Tom McAdam (www.falklandislandsjournal.org) and a fully-searchable CD ROM, produced by Nikki Buxton containing content of all back issues till 2015, is also available.

The Journal is now linked to the Historic Dockyard Museum and will publish a report on Museum activities and, where appropriate, exhibitions. There will be a small display marking the 50th Anniversary of the Journal in the Printing Office at the Historic Dockyard Museum alongside the early Falkland Islands Government printing equipment on which the first editions of the Journal were produced.

31p stamp. Depicts the cover from the 2010 issue.
The 2010 issue of the Journal was dedicated to the memory of Jane Cameron, the Falkland Islands Government Archivist, who had died as a result of a car accident in Argentina in December 2009 and included articles written by her.

While her legacy is in the numerous young people in the Islands she encouraged and helped with projects for the Alastair Cameron History Prizes, some of which were published in the Journal, - she was hugely helpful in many other ways.  Her professionalism, sheer hard work and input into many of the entries for David Tatham’s Dictionary of National Biography of the Falklands act as a permanent memorial to her.

The painting on the front cover of the 2010 issue of Pale Maidens (Olsynium filifolium) in the Falkland Islands was by Gerald Roberts. Her friends say these were Jane Cameron’s favourite wild flowers.

76p stamp. Depicts the cover from the 2013 issue
This issue particularly recognised the contribution to the Journal made by Mike Stammers (1943-2013), former Curator in the maritime history department of Liverpool Museum, and Keeper of the renowned Merseyside Maritime Museum.

His long and distinguished association with the Falkland Islands grew through his interest in the Jhelum, a ship as important to Liverpool’s history as to that of the Falkland Islands and resulted in a classic study of meticulous scholarship with John Kearon, The Jhelum. A Victorian Merchant Ship. Mike was Deputy Editor of the Journal from 1991 up until his death and made a huge contribution to the expansion in volume and quality of the publication over these years.

The painting of the Jhelum on the front cover of the 2013 issue of the Journal was by the current editor’s late father, Fred McAdam,

£1.01 stamp. Depicts the cover from the 2014 issue

The recognition of centenaries and other notable anniversaries often featured in articles published in the Journal. 2014 was the centenary of the World War I naval battle of the Falklands and three research articles on the topic were printed.

The cover of the issue was a section of a painting of “The Battle of the Falkland Islands” by .J.S.  Abrahams, Devonport, Feb 1915. The ships in view are (Left to Right) H.M.S. Carnarvon, H.M.S. Invincible, H.M.S. Inflexible.

£1.22 stamp. Depicts the cover from the 2016 issue

The publication of the 2016 Journal marked its 50th issue. It was also a year of many notable anniversaries and these were recognised by articles in the Journal:- ranging from a piece commemorating 100 years since Sir Ernest Shackleton arrived in Stanley on the Endurance expedition, his son’s visit as  Lord Edward Shackleton in 1976 to compile his hugely influential Economic Development Report; the DC4 hijacking incident of September 1966; and a review of advances made over the past 50 years in the understanding of  Falklands geology. The front cover was a section of an oil painting of Stanley by the founder and first editor, Tommy Thompson, while he was Colonial Secretary in the Falkland Islands.

Text by Jim McAdam and Alison Barton

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