30th Anniversary of the Falkland Islands Fishery

30th Anniversary of the Falkland Islands Fishery

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Established in 2005 by the Fisheries Ordinance; The Falkland Islands Fishing Companies Association (‘FIFCA’) represents and promotes the interests of the thirteen Falkland Island Companies holding individual transferrable quota (‘ITQ’) in the Falkland Islands Fishery.
The current members of FIFCA are: Argos Group Ltd, Beauchene Fishing Ltd., Bold Ventures Ltd., Byron Fishing Ltd., Consolidated Fisheries Ltd., Fortuna Ltd., JK Marine Ltd., Pioneer Seafoods Ltd., RBC Ltd., Seafish (Falklands) Ltd., Seaview Ltd., Southern Cross Ltd. and Sulivan Shipping Services Ltd.

The Falklands’ fishery, with its world leading quota management system is recognised as one of the most sustainably managed fisheries in the world. For thirty years it has provided quality seafood to international markets and since the introduction of the ITQ system in 2005 has made an increasingly significant contribution to the Falkland’s economic success.

Companies catch a variety of commercial species in Falkland Islands waters. In order of appearance on the First Day Cover, Southern Blue Whiting, Falkland Calamari, Hoki, Kingclip Patagonian Toothfish, Illex Squid, Rock Cod, Ray, and Common Hake.

The First Day Cover acknowledges the Falkland Islands link to international involvement in the fishery with a Far Eastern squid jigger being pictured. Since the early 1980’s vessels from Japan, Korea, and Taiwan have fished our waters for Illex squid. This large but volatile fishery is the only major sector of the industry to enter the ITQ system.

The 31p stamp “Progress” displays the newly launched (2017) state of the art longline fishing vessel CFL Hunter. The vessel is owned by Consolidated Fisheries Limited (CFL), a Falkland company owned by a consortium of Falkland fishing companies. CFL are the sole holders of fishing quota for Patagonian Toothfish around the Islands and the fishery is Marine Stewardship Certified (MSC). The construction of the Hunter represents a significant milestone in the development of the Falkland Islands fishing industry.    

Under the theme of “Protection” on the 76p stamp is the Fishery Protection Vessel Protegat, operated by the Falkland Island’s Government. The Protegat is a key asset in the management, protection and policing of the Fishery. She acts as an effective deterrent to those involved in illegal fishing and is equipped with enforcement weaponry.

The fishing vessel Argos Vigo represents ‘Industry’ on the £1.01 stamp. She is owned and operated by Argos Group Limited and has installed a pioneering bird scaring system to its stern known as a fixed aerial array (FAA).  The FAA is to discourage seabirds from seeking food during the fishing operation when they can become entangled in the nets and lines. This system is beginning to be adopted by other vessels in the fleet in preference over the ‘tori line system’ developed originally in the longline fishery. Industry and Fishery managers work together to ensure that the fishery operates to the highest environmental standards whilst protecting crew safety.

The fishing operation is supported by numerous service providers including launch operators who provide port logistic services. The Frank Wild in the foreground is a 50' Halmatic pilot boat, originally built for the Humber Pilot Authority in 1975 and named the Captain F W Evenden. She was bought by Sullivan Shipping Services in 1988 and transported to the Falkland Islands on the deck of the FI patrol vessel Falklands Right and renamed the Frank Wild after the famous Antarctic Explorer. She has served the company well for almost 30 years. 

The Robin M Lee is shown on the £1.22 stamp with the ‘Science’ theme. The Falkland’s fishery management system is science based. Regular scientific cruises are undertaken on fishing vessels and there is comprehensive ‘on board’ scientific observer coverage.  Real time data is forwarded to a dedicated team of scientists in the Falkland Islands Government Fisheries Department. The Falkland Calamari in the foreground is the most widely caught across the fleet.

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Artist: Robin Carter
Printer: Cartor Security Printing
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Release date: 23 October, 2017
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