50th Anniversary of Female Suffrage


50th Anniversary of Female Suffrage

Set: Part No: ST010989

2012 sees the 50th Anniversary of the Granting of Universal Suffrage to Women in the Bahamas and to celebrate this important Anniversary, the Bahamas Post Office is releasing a set of six stamps depicting portraits of some of the main female protagonists in this long struggle.

In February 1961, a Bill entitled "An Act to enable women to have and exercise rights of registration as voters and of voting similar to those accorded to men under the provisions of the General Assembly Elections Act 1959" was passed. It came into effect on June 30, 1962 and the first woman registered to vote just a few days later.

The stamps feature the following major proponents of female suffrage and if a more detailed biography is required on any of these important women, please contact John Smith at Pobjoy Mint.

15c Mary Naomi Mason-Ingraham
25c Georgianna Kathleen Symonette
50c Mabel Cordelia Walker
65c Eugenia Louise Lockhart
70c Dame Albertha Madeline Isaacs
80c Dr. Doris Johnson

The first day cover design shows a female hand placing a vote in a ballot box.

Technical details:
Designer                                 Andrew Robinson
Printer                                     BDT International Security Printing Ltd
Process                                  Stochastic Lithography
Perforation                             14 per 2cms
Stamp size                             28.45 x 42.58mm
Sheet Layout                          20 (2 x 10)
Release Date                         10 October, 2012
Production Co-ordination       Creative Direction (Worldwide) Ltd